PIMOne 5.35

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Vista DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is supported Fixed a minor bug for Plan


  • Vista DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is supported Fixed a minor bug for Plan

PIMOne is designed to help you keep track of everything you do. It records secure personal information through a stylish interface and contains full support for plans, agents, tasks/todo lists, contacts lists, private passwords, memos, and holidays.

The information can be password protected and customized in design. PIMOne offers different skins to suit your taste. The program also comes with some built-in reminders, including plan events reminder, task reminder, birthday reminder, interval reminder and holidays reminder, they allow you to easily be reminded when important events comes.

Main highlights of the package:

Multiple information

PIMOne can manage various information related to your personal details. As a full PIM software, it includes a plan/appointment reminder, actions, contacts, passwords, memos, interval reminder and a holidays reminder.

Secret information

The program stores any information based on your account securely. Before using it, you must create an account for yourself. The account is protected by the password you specified. All your privacy will never be accessed by others.

Creative agent

PIMOne provides a tool named Agent, which allows you to perform scheduled actions at a specified time. E.g. sending emails, send MSN Messenger messages, shut down or reboot the computer, etc. at a specified time.

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PIMOne 5.35

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